About Bartley Group

Bartley Group was formed by Mark Stevens with the aim of supporting automotive businesses in the UK. We have like minded, independent expertise across all major automotive areas. We have access to all the relevant industry perspectives and know-how required to deliver results for clients by intelligent and driven individuals with an emphasis on teamwork and trust.

We work in collaborative partnerships with specialists and Consultants who have the skills and know how of the industry, and also bring valuable knowledge and expertise from other industries. Together we operate as a group of specialist professionals with a proven track record, focused on delivering results and achieving high standards.

What makes us different from other consultancy firms is the level of expertise that we can draw on to help your business maximise its capabilities and meet budgetary requirements in a challenging market.

Mark is a dedicated hard working and reliable professional, he has over thirty years experience in the automotive industry having held senior positions including Managing Director of his own dealership. He has a vast wealth of experience gained by working for some of the top companies in the UK as well as volume brands through to luxury and niche marques.

He aims to utilise best practice's and focusing on customer demands and expectations to ensure that tangible business solutions are delivered. With a proven record of improving profitability of businesses he exceeds expectations through a motivational team building work ethic.

Please contact Mark Stevens by email: or call Mark on 07880 993685